windows 7/8/10 x64
April 13th, 2018

- Prefered To Disconnect Internet When Apply Crack
- Recommended To Stop Antivirus When Apply Crack
- The Crack NOT VIRUS, If you don't trust us ,don't download from us:-)

>>We Are humans and we may make mistakes, please report if there is an error.<<

How install the crack:

1. Install Siemens PLMLicense Server
Note: If you already have Siemens PLMLicense Server installed skip steps 1-3, just replace existing

license file with "splm8.lic" from crack folder "PLMLicenseServer" and restart license sever or reboot computer and go to

step 4

2. Copy folder "PLMLicenseServer" to your computer (by default to C:Program FilesSiemens)
3. Run as Administrator PLMLicenseServerserver_install.bat and wait until license server will be installed and started
4. Install Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 14.0 Win64. Do not install License Server from setup media!
5. Replace original (by default C:Program FilesSiemensTecnomatix Plant

Simulation 14 ) with cracked one
6. Run Tecnomatix Plant Simulation 14. When asked for license select "License server", be sure that server port is 28000,

input "localhost" (without quotes) for server name and click OK
7. Enjoy
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